Shape-Wear Collection

This is your final destination for premium shape-wear and reshaping garments. We cover you for everyday wear, work out collection, butt lifters and surgical grade Faja.

Everyday Shapers- Can be worn underneath clothing very undetectable, doesn't roll fold or flip. Light weight material no hard boning and material is design for comfort! These products are medical grade and designed to drop you down 3 inches instantly, permanent results can be achieve with consistency! Not designed for working out! 

  • The "FAMOUS" Miracle Vest is designed for the fullest amount of coverage needed in the back and lower abdominal. Best for shorter torsos- included with 4 levels of reshaping to complete for  ultimate results! Goes up to 8XL in size!
  • The Miracle Vest Jr. has all the great features of the original Vest however, it's for longer torso and includes adjustable straps and 3 levels of reshaping to complete for ultimate results! Goes up to 6XL in size!
  •  Hourglass Shaper is a long torso garment design with all the perks of a Miracle Vest without full back coverage. Included 4 hook levels to complete for ultimate results

Work Out Waisted Collection- Is here to kick off your fitness journey! Our premium WOW collection is engineered with extra thick neoprene so you sweat harder for the same workout. Our WOW products are designed for comfort while helping you get the most out of your next cardio, circuit, or high-intensity interval training session. Time to drip!

  • Extreme Fat Burner- Great for Core Work Out 
  • Lipo 360 Band- Great for compression and reshaping while working out! 
  • Lipo 360 Snatch Band- is a double compression with TWO garments into ONE! It includes the Lipo 360 Band with this shaper. Great for sweating and reshaping, high compression with maximum results!
  • Lipo 360 Band with Buttlifter- Includes all the benefit of the original 360 Band, but includes a BBL pantie!. This is perfect for the person who wants maximize compression on the waist line while lifting and reshaping the buttocks! Great for sweating while working out, can be worn seamless underneath clothing

Surgical Garments- Recover in comfort with this short length high compression Stage 2 faja.

  • Instant Surgery Garments-Our post-surgical compression garment is designed to help your post-surgical body recover and return to its pre-op condition. Whether you’re having surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons, pain and recovery time can be reduced with post-surgical shape wear. Has removal straps, and has zipper for bathroom convenience, comes with zipper on the side to maximize invisibility underneath clothing